Hawksmoor at Home, Powered by Fuse

Hawksmoor uses Fuse to sell meal boxes, cocktail sets, gift vouchers and cookbooks, all through their own website.

Fuse handles thousands of transactions every month, from users in every corner of the UK, expanding Hawksmoor’s audience and driving millions of pounds in sales revenue.

“It’s opened our eyes up to the sheer size of the market and the opportunity when we think about providing a Hawksmoor experience, not just in restaurants, but to everyone in the UK. Fuse has allowed us to realise this opportunity through providing an innovative ecommerce platform that provides a great customer experience and integrates with all our software on the back end. We’re very excited to have a new strand to our business and for our brand to have a far greater reach than ever before” - Tim Gould, Hawksmoor MD

Higher Average Spend

Fuse allows Hawksmoor to sell everything through one system, meaning their customers can buy anything from a cocktail set, a gift voucher, a cookbook and a meal box in a single transaction. This allows Hawksmoor to up-sell and cross-sell additional products and increase their average order value.

This also makes the shopping and transaction process much simpler and smoother for users. And, with web-page layouts optimised to make browsing and checking out easy, Fuse maximises the number of transaction conversions too.

Happy Customers

Customer service is a big priority for Hawksmoor so they love that, with Fuse, customers can log in to an account dashboard to track and manage their orders and view previous order history. This makes multiple and repeat purchases easy - something that was particularly important around the Christmas gifting period.

Gift cards bought through Fuse can be used against future online purchases, not only driving increased repeat custom but ensuring a completely integrated system that is easier for Hawksmoor, and easier for their customers.

Hawksmoor Own The Data

Using Fuse instead of a third party aggregator puts the power in Hawksmoor’s hands. They own and control the customer experience end-to-end, ensuring the high level of service expected from them, and it’s a slicker, better, more cohesive brand experience for the consumer. It also means that Hawksmoor keeps all of their customer data. Transactions are meticulously tracked through to completion and any abandoned baskets are followed up as part of Hawksmoor’s CRM strategy.

Operationally Slick

With the huge daily order volume, the team handling orders and logistics need the operation to be slick. Fuse solves operational problems - everything is streamlined in one simple back office dashboard; new orders are passed directly to DPD for fulfilment; there is automated financial reporting; advanced stock control; Fuse even generates the packing slips for quality control. Future sales reports allow Hawksmoor to precision manage their stock holding - they only order the stock they need, which enables them to eliminate waste and maximise profitability.

Fuse simplifies everything and has enabled the Hawksmoor team to handle huge volumes of orders quickly, efficiently and profitably.

The Future for Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor at Home launched with Fuse in autumn 2020, in time for the key Christmas trading period and winter lockdown. Demand and sales far exceeded Hawksmoor’s expectations, and the Fuse features that optimise conversions, stretch spend per head and ensure operational efficiency mean that the project is not only lucrative but profitable too.

Oliver Rowe, Hawksmoor at Home customer: “...Living too far away to visit, this had been an amazing positive out of lockdowns. Super quality food, easy to follow instructions and top service. Long May this continue as an extension of my favourite restaurant in London...”


Thousands of transactions every month

Millions of pounds in revenue

Conversion Rate 5%+ higher than industry average

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